Restored! - Agnès Varda: Vagabond


Golden Lion - 1985 Venice Film Festival
FIPRESCI Prize - 1985 Venice Film Festival
Sandrine Bonnaire won the Best Actress César for her portrayal of the defiant young drifter Mona, found frozen to death in a ditch at the beginning of Vagabond. Agnès Varda pieces together Mona’s story through flashbacks told by those who encountered her (played by a largely nonprofessional cast), producing a splintered portrait of an enigmatic woman. With its sparse, poetic imagery, Vagabond is a stunner, and won Varda the top prize at the Venice Film Festival.

Director:  Agnès Varda
Writer:  Agnès Varda
Producer:  Oury Milshtein
Cast:  Sandrine Bonnaire, Setti Ramdane, Francis Balchère, Jean-Louis Perletti, Urbain Causse
Cinematographer:  Patrick Blossier
Editors: Patricia Mazuy, Agnès Varda
Country:  France
Language:  French, Arabic & English
Subtitle:  English
Runtime:  105 minutes