Features: The Parts You Lose

19-Sep-2019 02:00 PM | Park Lane: 3 | Tickets    


Wesley (Danny Murphy), a young bullied deaf boy, finds sanctuary at home. When his father (Scoot McNairy), a rough, unhappy man, returns home, Wesley withdraws into a shy and uneasy silence. But one day, on his cold walk home from the school, Wesley finds a strange man (Aaron Paul) helpless and bleeding next to the road. Wesley must choose between his loyalty to a dangerous stranger, and his growing understanding of right and wrong in the world.

Director:  Christopher Cantwell
Writer:  Darren Lemke
Producers:  Mark Johnson, Aaron Paul, Tom Williams
Cast:  Aaron Paul, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Danny Murphy, Scoot McNairy
Cinematographer:  Evans Brown
Editor: Heather Persons
Country:  USA
Language:  English
Runtime:  99 minutes