Documentaries: Althea Thauberger: Take Back Benčić (Preuzmimo Benčić)


Take Back Benčić is an experimental film made in collaboration with 67 child performers from Rijeka, Croatia. Part documentary, part fiction, the film follows the activities and reflections of the children during a 6 week period when they occupied the H and T buildings of the former worker managed Rikard Benčić factory in Rijeka. Through their words and gestures they re-imagine the politics, histories, and future of the site, and the relationship between work, art and play.

Director:  Althea Thauberger
Producer:  Althea Thauberger
Cinematographer:  Aleš Suk
Editors: Marta Batinić, Althea Thauberger
Country:  Canada, Croatia
Province:  BC
Language:  Croatian
Subtitle:  English
Runtime:  56 minutes

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