It Was All So Wonderful: The Everyday Magic of Mary Pratt
Feminist painter or traditional housewife? Displaced and isolated, Mary Pratt’s life was a highly complicated one of delicate rebellion. Award-winning filmmaker Kenneth J Harvey (Immaculate Memories: The Uncluttered Worlds of Christopher Pratt) reconstructs Mary Pratt's life from archival footage dating back to the 1950s, tracking Mary's development over time, while capturing her gentle humour, strength, beauty of spirit, and fascination with objects in the home, which she embraced and glorified, deeply touching and inspiring countless women through her artwork.

Available to stream from 12:01AM, September 17th to 11:59PM, September 24th.
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Director:  Kenneth J. Harvey
Writer:  Kenneth J. Harvey
Producers:  Katherine Harvey, Emma Harvey, Jordan Harvey, Kenneth J. Harvey
Cinematographer:  Kenneth J. Harvey
Editor: Christopher Darlington
Country:  Canada
Province:  NL
Language:  English
Runtime:  75 minutes

  Best Documentary - 2019 Nickel Independent Film Festival   Best Newfoundland & Labrador Film - 2019 Nickel Independent Film Festival   Audience Choice - 2019 Nickel Independent Film Festival   Nominated, Best Canadian Documentary - RIFFA 2019