Gala Presentation

One Second
A prisoner (Zhang Yi) escapes from a Chinese labour camp during the Cultural Revolution, risking everything in his search for a stolen film reel in which his long-lost daughter appears – for one second. He soon encounters the thief, revealed to be an orphaned girl (Liu Haocun) haunted by her own terrible loss. Meanwhile, the villagers are waiting eagerly for the screening to begin. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Zhang Yimou, a three-time Academy Award® nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, One Second is a beautiful, moving and deeply personal homage to the redemptive power of Film. In the vein of the classic Cinema Paradiso, it is an unforgettable love letter to Cinema. 


Director:  Zhang Yimou
Writers:  Yimou Zhang, Jingzhi Zou
Producers:  Ping Dong, William Kong, Liwei Pang, Shaokun Xiang
Cast:  Zhang Yi, Liu Haocun, Wei Fan, Li Yan, Liu Yunlong
Cinematographer:  Xiaoding Zhao
Editor: Yuan Du
Country:  China, Hong Kong
Language:  Mandarin
Subtitle:  English
Runtime:  104 minutes