Learn to Swim
Learn to Swim is a surrealist romantic drama that follows Toronto jazz saxophonist Dezi Williams, as he attempts to escape a recent tragedy. He’s withdrawn from his band and tries to spend his days in solitude as an instrument repair technician, but is haunted by his memories, a mounting pain in his jaw, and an intrusive new neighbour. When Dezi’s band tracks him down, he is no longer able to hold all the pieces together. Soon the line between reality and memory blur, and he is forced to confront the truths of his past.


Director:  Thyrone Tommy
Writers:  Thyrone Tommy, Marni Van Dyk
Producer:  Alona Metzer
Cast:  Thomas Antony Olajide, Andrea Pavlovic
Cinematographer:  Nick Haight
Editors: Baun Mah, Shaun Rykiss
Country:  Canada
Language:  English
Runtime:  90 minutes