Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché
Poly Styrene introduced the world to a new sound of rebellion, using her unconventional voice to sing about identity, consumerism, postmodernism, and everything she saw unfolding in late 1970s Britain, with a rare prescience. As the frontwoman of X-Ray Spex, the Anglo-Somali punk musician was also a key inspiration for the riot grrrl and Afropunk movements. After Poly’s death, her daughter Celeste became the unwitting guardian of her mother’s legacy, and her mother’s demons. Misogyny, racism, and mental illness plagued Poly’s life, while their lasting trauma scarred Celeste’s childhood, and the pair’s relationship.


Directors:  Paul Sng,Celeste Bell
Writers:  Celeste Bell, Zoë Howe
Producers:  Rebecca Mark-Lawson, Matthew Silverman, Daria Nitsche
Cinematographer:  Nick Ward
Editor: Xanna Ward Dixon
Country:  UK
Language:  English
Runtime:  96 minutes