Special Presentation

Run Woman Run
Single mother Beck (Dakota Ray Hebert) has been running from reality. Her "breakfast of champions" is a five-cream, five-sugar coffee and donuts. Something has to give, and it does when Beck finds herself in a diabetic coma and visited by a ghostly ancestor, the legendary Indigenous marathon runner Tom Longboat (Asivak Koostachin), who becomes her wise-cracking new life coach. Told with a lighthearted touch, Run Woman Run is a feel-good anti-rom-com about a woman who has to tackle the ghosts of her past before she can run toward a new future.


Director:  Zoe Hopkins
Writer:  Zoe Hopkins
Producers:  Laura Milliken, PJ Thornton, Paula Devonshire
Cast:  Dakota Ray Hebert, Asivak Koostachin, Jayli Wolf, Lorne Cardinal, Braeden Clarke
Cinematographer:  Justin Black
Editor: Orlee Buium
Country:  Canada
Province:  ON
Language:  English & Mohawk
Subtitle:  English
Runtime:  100 minutes