The Colour of Spring
To their friends, Sarah and Sam seem like the perfect couple, desperately in love. But when Sarah gets her big stage break as an aspiring actress, Sam begins to question whether he's good enough for her, particularly as he's stuck in a dead-end job. As their relationship unravels and a mysterious woman threatens to further tear them apart, Sarah and Sam are forced to confront the anger and hurt between themselves, and once again believe in each other and their love in order to find their way "home."

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Director:  Paul Andrew Kimball
Writer:  Paul Andrew Kimball
Producers:  Ron Foley Macdonald, Paul Andrew Kimball, Andrew Mark Sewell
Cast:  Jamie Muscato, Alexa Morden, Nathan Nolan, Holly Stevens, Claudette Williams
Cinematographer:  Dillon Garland
Editor: Paul Andrew Kimball
Country:  Canada
Province:  NS
Language:  English
Runtime:  94 minutes