Hands That Bind
When Andy (Paul Sparks) broke ties with his father, he knew the lifelong dream of owning his own farm was in severe jeopardy. Now he works another man’s land, trying to establish new roots with his wife Susan (Susan Kent) and their two children, ultimately planning to buy the farm when the owner (Nicholas Campbell) soon retires. But when the owner's ungrateful son (Landon Liboiron) returns unexpectedly, Andy's carefully laid plan is left in pieces. With tensions mounting, Andy struggles to find a path back to his dream, all the while cattle are found mutilated and mysterious lights shine in the sky.


Director:  Kyle Armstrong
Writer:  Kyle Armstrong
Producer:  Blake McWilliam
Cast:  Paul Sparks, Susan Kent, Landon Liboiron, Nicholas Campbell, Will Oldham, Bruce Dern
Cinematographer:  Mike McLaughlin
Editor: Marc Boucrot
Country:  Canada
Province:  AB
Language:  English
Runtime:  115 minutes