Gala Presentation

Dawn, Her Dad & The Tractor
When a young woman with a startling resemblance to John Andrew’s wife Miranda appears days before her funeral, John Andrew MacGinnis (Robb Wells) begins an odyssey towards understanding. His son Donald is now Dawn (Maya V. Henry), home to mourn her mother and repair the estrangement with her Dad. As Dawn reconnects with her sister Tammy (Amy Groening) and her fiancé Byron (Reid Price), a new family order begins to emerge.

An ancient tractor becomes a focus for the mechanically-minded Dawn, but John Andrew’s long-simmering resentments about the tractor heighten family tensions. Watching his child work to restore the tractor, he realises reclaiming this relationship means his own coming out: supporting Dawn publicly and fighting malicious small town transphobia.

As they restore the family tractor and work towards showing it as a kind of memorial to Dawn’s mom, Dawn and her Dad cautiously rebuild their relationship and come to understand the mechanics of the heart.

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Director:  Shelley Thompson
Writer:  Shelley Thompson
Producers:  Terry Greenlaw, Shelley Thompson
Cast:  Maya V. Henry, Robb Wells, Amy Gorening, Reid Price
Cinematographer:  Kevin A. Fraser
Editor: Amy Mielke
Country:  Canada
Province:  NS
Language:  English
Runtime:  91 minutes