Britt-Marie Was Here
When Britt-Marie (Pernilla August) is separated from her husband of 20 years (Peter Haber), and left to fend for herself in the miserable backwater of Borg, she finds herself running the local football team. But, after a rocky start, Britt-Marie learns that life has more to offer than she ever realised, and love might be found in the most unexpected of places.

Available to stream from 12:01AM, September 17th to 11:59PM, September 24th.
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Director:  Tuva Novotny
Writers:  Anders Frithiof August, Øystein Karlsen, Tuva Novotny
Producers:  Gustav Oldén, Nicklas Wikström Nicastro
Cast:  Pernilla August, Peter Haber, Vera Vitali, Anders Mossling, Malin Levanon
Cinematographer:  Jonas Alarik
Editors: Morten Egholm, Håkan Karlsson, Frederik Strunk
Country:  Sweden
Language:  Swedish
Subtitle:  English
Runtime:  94 minutes