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Arthur Bretnik (Aaron Eckhart) is a conspiracy theorist and private eye with a traumatic past. After being hired to investigate a possible murder cover up in the small town of Wander, Arthur is plunged into a world of lies and deceit, as he quickly suspects the murder may be part of the same 'conspiracy cover up' that caused the death of his daughter. Increasingly paranoid, Arthur's sanity is tested as he attempts to filter fact from fiction and solve the case, all the while questioning if he is a pawn in a much bigger game.

Available to stream from 12:01AM, September 17th to 11:59PM, September 24th.
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Director:  April Mullen
Writer:  Tim Doiron
Producers:  Tim Doiron, Andre Relis, Chad A. Verdi, April Mullen, Jason Allison, Mary Aloe, Douglas Falconer, James van der Woerd
Cast:  Aaron Eckhart, Katheryn Winnick, Heather Graham, Brendan Fehr, Tommy Lee Jones
Cinematographers:  Gavin Smith, Russ De Jong
Editor: Luke Higginson
Country:  Canada
Language:  English
Runtime:  93 minutes

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