Special Presentation

Spiraling into a self-destructive depression after the untimely death of his mother, Auckland teenager Sam (George Ferrier) is tasked with taking care of his invalid, alcoholic, hard-as-nails grandmother (Charlotte Rampling). What begins as a highly contentious relationship, fraught with generational resentment, gradually evolves into a poignant bonding experience for both parties. Tentative confessions of past traumas – and past pleasures – soon give way to empathy and unexpected insights, as these two seemingly hostile outcasts are made to confront the things that make them tick – and the things that might be able to break them out of their depressive inertia.


Director:  Matthew Saville
Writer:  Matthew Saville
Producers:  Desray Armstrong, Angela Littlejohn
Cast:  Charlotte Rampling, George Ferrier, Marton Csokas, Edith Poor, Cameron Carter-Chan
Cinematographer:  Martyn Williams
Editor: Peter Roberts
Country:  New Zealand
Language:  English
Runtime:  94 minutes