Being Impossible (Yo, imposible)
Ariel is a young pious dressmaker whose first intimate encounter with a boy proves to be an extremely painful experience. Something's odd with her body. After a medical visit, she obtains a dubious diagnosis. Tenaciously digging into her past, Ariel discovers she was indeed born different and underwent several surgeries as a baby to be turned fully into a female. This truth immerses her in the path to find forgiveness and freedom.

Director:  Patricia Ortega
Writers:  Patricia Ortega, Enmanuel Chávez
Producers:  Patricia Ortega, Jhony Hendrix, Laura Barbosa
Cast:  Lucia Bedoya, María Elena Duque, Belkis Avilladares
Cinematographer:  Mateo Guzmán
Editor: Mauricio Vergara
Country:  Venezuela, Colombia
Language:  Spanish
Subtitle:  English
Runtime:  97 minutes