Special Presentation

Tin Can
Cold, pale, and in the dark, Fret (Anna Hopkins) crashes back to waking life inside a life-suspension chamber. From her tiny cell, she commiserates with other captives; they piece together what happened. A global plague called Coral ravaged Earth, and an invasive slime mold swept the planet with incredible speed, infecting all living things. Fret was a parasitologist, obsessed with trying to control the organism. Her work could have saved millions, but she was imprisoned by an unknown abductor. Her cellmates are dragged off by a faceless attendant, and she must find a way to escape and save the last of her kind.

Available on FIN Stream from September 16th at 10:00am until September 23rd at 11:59 PM.
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Director:  Seth A. Smith
Writers:  Seth A. Smith, Darcy Spidle
Producer:  Nancy Urich
Cast:  Anna Hopkins, Michael Ironside, Simon Mutabazi, Chik White, Woodrow Graves
Cinematographer:  Kevin A. Fraser
Editor: Seth A. Smith
Country:  Canada
Province:  NS
Language:  English
Runtime:  99 minutes