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A Small Fortune
Kevin (Stephen Oates) is an Irish Moss farmer committed to his traditional way of doing things at the expense of a more lucrative life for himself and his pregnant wife (Liane Balaban). When he finds a bag of money washed up on the shores of Prince Edward Island, his decision to keep it secret turns his quaint fishing village into a growing crime scene as the money’s owners come calling. A Small Fortune is a story of one man's struggle to provide for his family and the need to let go of the old ways in order to learn money isn't everything. Adapted from Adam Perry's award-winning short film A Blessing from the Sea.

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Director:  Adam Perry
Writer:  Adam Perry
Producers:  Jason Arsenault, Jenna MacMillan, Mary Sexton
Cast:  Stephen Oates, Liane Balaban, Joel Thomas Hynes, Andrea Bang, Matt Cook
Cinematographer:  Jeff Wheaton
Editor: Justin Oakey
Country:  Canada
Province:  PE
Language:  English
Runtime:  91 minutes

  World Premiere