8:37 Rebirth
Every second is a lifetime. With the four-pound trigger pull, Jared and Sergei - two youths from vastly different backgrounds - become forever linked. From that split second as the hand of the clock hits 8:37, each of their lives veers onto a path that sets the seeds of their mutual destruction. 22 years later, Jared is released from prison for the death of Sergei's father; deeply regretful, he tries to forge ahead into a better life. Sergei, now a professor of mathematics, descends into a guilt-ridden abyss of a revenge-driven obsession. Both men must face their demons; one man might lose his life, the other his sanity.

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Director:  Juanita Peters
Writers:  J. Hank White, Joe G. Leclair, Juanita Peters
Producers:  J. Hank White, Marty Williams, Joe G. Leclair
Cast:  Glen Gould, Pasha Ebrahimi, Mark Owen, Amy Trefry, Daniel Lillford
Cinematographer:  Jeff Wheaton
Editor: Angela Baker
Country:  Canada
Province:  NS
Language:  English
Runtime:  100 minutes