Good-natured waitress Jessica goes on a date with a handsome customer, Eric. In the course of their long night, he shows her a site on the dark web. Jessica thinks she recognizes a local missing teenage boy on the site, but when she tries to report it to the police, she finds the site has been removed. Driven to save the missing boy, Jessica begins her own investigation that dredges up horrors from her own past.

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Director:  Michael Ray Fox
Writer:  Michael Ray Fox
Producers:  Doug Pettigrew, Rob Joseph Leonard, Thom Fitzgerald
Cast:  Amy Trefry, Eldon Thiele, Annika Borg, Reid Price, Nathaniel Dooks
Cinematographer:  Jeff Wheaton
Editor: Angela Baker
Country:  Canada
Province:  NS
Language:  English
Runtime:  79 minutes