Gala Presentation

There's Something in the Water
Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Oscar and Emmy award-nominated actor-director Ellen Page engages in deeply personal and political dialogue with women at the forefront of some of Nova Scotia’s most urgent environmental crises. Based on the book of the same name by Dr. Ingrid Waldron, There's Something in the Water explores the topic of environmental racism, shining a light on the Canadian government’s current and historical decisions to prioritize the profits of corporations over the health of indigenous and African Nova Scotian communities. The effects of environmental racism dehumanize and harm communities already dealing with pre-existing vulnerabilities. But these communities are strong and have fought back. Using Dr. Waldron’s work as a starting point, There’s Something in the Water also examines the long history of struggle, resistance, and mobilizing in Indigenous and Black communities to address environmental racism in the province.

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Directors:  Ellen Page, Ian Daniel
Producers:  Ellen Page, Ingrid Waldron, Ian Daniel, Julia Sanderson
Editors: Xavier Coleman, Hugo Perez
Country:  Canada
Province:  NS
Language:  English
Runtime:  73 minutes