Alpha, The Right to Kill
Set against the backdrop of the Philippines Government’s crackdown on illegal drugs, a SWAT-led police force launches an operation to take down one of the biggest drug lords in Manilla. During a violent confrontation in the slums, Police Officer Espino (Allen Dizon) and Elijah (Elijah Filamor), a small-time pusher turned informant, walk off with a backpack full of money and methamphetamine. This gesture of survival for one and corruption for the other will soon set off a dangerous series of events.

Director:  Brillante Mendoza
Writer:  Troy Espiritu
Producer:  Carlo Valenzona
Cast:  Allen Dizon, Elijah Filamor, Baron Geisler, Angela Cortez
Cinematographer:  Carlo Valenzona
Editor: Diego Marx Dobles
Country:  Philippines
Language:  Filipino
Subtitle:  English
Runtime:  94 minutes