Freedom Swell
Freedom Swell highlights a surf program designed to empower African Nova Scotian youth to connect with the ocean. The film explores the lack of diversity in the East Coast surf scene, stemming from complex historical barriers such as racism, segregated beaches, and generational fear of water. Co-founder LaMeia Reddick, volunteers, participants, and community members share their stories about the healing nature of water. Freedom Swell beautifully represents the spirit of North Preston Surf, a flagship program designed to inspire for years to come.

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Directors:  Marie Wright, Meaghan Wright
Writer:  LaMeia Reddick
Producer:  Marie Wright
Cinematographers:  Marie Wright, Meaghan Wright
Editors: Amy Mielke, Brittney Gavin
Country:  Canada
Province:  NS
Language:  English
Runtime:  60 minutes