My Tree
Jason Sherman, a Canadian Jew, searches for the tree that was planted in his name in Israel many years earlier. His travels take him to parks and forests throughout the country, where he learns a number of surprising facts about his tree: that it was likely a pine; that it was chosen because it grows fast; that it was completely wrong for the Israeli climate — and that it is sitting atop the remains of a Palestinian village that was captured and destroyed in 1967. Deeply disturbed by his findings, Jason returns home, determined to learn how it is that he never knew these things — and what he should do now that he knows them.


Director:  Jason Sherman
Writer:  Jason Sherman
Producers:  Jason Sherman, Sonya Di Rienzo, Aeschylus Poulos
Cinematographer:  John M. Tran
Editor: Ben Lawrence
Country:  Canada
Province:  ON
Language:  English
Runtime:  102 minutes