Nail in the Coffin: The Fall and Rise of Vampiro
Ian Hodgkinson, aka Vampiro, is a fighter and a survivor. After battling an abusive childhood, street violence, crippling fame and a lifetime of beatings and broken bones in the ring, he now faces his biggest, most ominous challenge yet: his teenage daughter. Serving as the Director of Talent for both Mexico's Lucha Libre AAA and Lucha Underground, he's forced to split his time and dedication between the muscle-bound family he's always known and the alien world of single parenthood. While his paternal duties tug at him from one side, his desire to return to the ring tugs him from the other. Which one will break him first?

Available to stream from 12:01AM, September 17th to 11:59PM, September 24th.
Ticketholders have 24 hours to complete the stream once they start a particular presentation.

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Director:  Michael Paszt
Writer:  Michael Paszt
Producers:  Bruno Marino, Michael Paszt, Pasha Patriki
Cinematographer:  Pasha Patriki
Editor: Daniel Palmer
Country:  Canada, Mexico, USA
Province:  ON
Language:  English
Runtime:  88 minutes

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