Opening Night Gala

Following a DUI charge, sixty-something year-old Donna (Shan MacDonald) is scheduled to perform community service in an animal rescue shelter. Over time, she begins to relate to the abandoned animals that surround her and she forms a particular bond with a senior dog, Charlie, who she brings home to prevent from being euthanized. She then begins rescuing other animals from the shelter and buying them online, until her small apartment is over-run — her unchecked compulsion for connection ultimately causing her home and life to fall into further disarray. Marking the debut feature of award-winning, Halifax-based filmmaker Heather Young, Murmur captures the quiet, contemplative story of a woman who, grappling with alcohol dependence and loneliness, struggles to find a way to ease the pain. Starring a cast of Nova Scotian non-professional actors, many of whom are playing themselves in the film, Young skillfully crafts an enduring story of aging and the human-animal connection.

FIN Atlantic International Film Festival's Opening Night Celebration
Thursday, Sept. 12, 9:00PM
The Waegwoltic Club, 6549 Coburg Road

Opening Night is for us, all about celebrating cinema and especially Canadian cinema and what better way to do it than with a mega-watt bash at one of Halifax’s most beautiful locations.  Mix and mingle with all the people that make it happen in the Canadian film industry!

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Director:  Heather Young
Writer:  Heather Young
Producers:  Martha Cooley, Heather Young
Cast:  Shan MacDonald, Andria Edwards
Cinematographer:  Jeff Wheaton
Editor: Heather Young
Country:  Canada
Province:  NS
Language:  English
Runtime:  84 minutes