This beautiful film from director Elizabeth Lo brings us into the world of Zeytin, a stray dog living life on the streets of Istanbul. Lo shows us this fragile world through Zeytin’s eyes, taking the audience to seemingly impossible places, all while staying quite literally grounded. As Zeytin and her ragtag canine gang travel the streets, we are also introduced to the young Syrian refugees that live alongside them. Deceptively simple and wonderfully touching, Stray is a tour-de-force of documentary filmmaking.

Available to stream from 12:01AM, September 17th to 11:59PM, September 24th.
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Director:  Elizabeth Lo
Writer:  Elizabeth Lo
Producers:  Elizabeth Lo, Shane Boris
Cinematographer:  Elizabeth Lo
Editor: Elizabeth Lo
Country:  USA
Language:  Turkish
Subtitle:  English
Runtime:  72 minutes