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Little Orphans
The wedding of their youngest sister, Janet, brings Gwen and Kay home to St. John’s, Newfoundland. While Janet struggles to hide her family’s dysfunction, Kay can’t help but create chaos wherever she goes and Gwen finds herself paralyzed by a past secret. The complicated web of relationships between the sisters, their Aunt Maureen, their absent mother, and Kay’s young daughter Billie, is only illuminated by the wedding. Gwen’s attempts to get Kay to take responsibility for her daughter highlights her own abandonment of her ex, Tom, leading them all to a not-so-perfect storm of a reception. 

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Director:  Ruth Lawrence
Writer:  Emily Bridger
Producer:  Jennifer Hawley
Cast:  Emily Bridger, Rhiannon Morgan, Marthe Bernard, Andy McQueen, Kyra Harper, Andrew O'Brien
Cinematographer:  Stephanie Weber-Biron
Editor: Kimberlee McTaggart
Country:  Canada
Province:  NL
Language:  English
Runtime:  79 minutes

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