Gala Presentation

Books of Blood
"Every body is a book of blood.  Whenever we’re opened, we’re red.”  So begins Clive Barker’s now legendary series of short stories which now finds its way onto screens in this inventive and thrilling new anthology film.  Books of Blood takes audiences on a journey into uncharted and forbidden territory through three uncanny tales tangled in space and time.   Shot entirely in Nova Scotia utilizing the talents of our peerless Nova Scotia film craftspeople, Books of Blood promises thrills and chills in outer worlds that only Clive Barker can imagine.

Available for a 24 hour period, starting at 7:00PM on Sunday, September 20th.
Ticketholders have 24 hours to complete the stream once they start a particular presentation.

Director:  Brannon Braga
Writers:  Brannon Braga, Adam Simon
Producers:  Jason Clark, Joseph J. Micucci, Michael Mahoney
Cast:  Britt Robertson, Anna Friel, Rafi Gavron, Yul Vazquez, Saad Siddiqui
Cinematographer:  Michael Dallatorre
Editor: John Duffy
Country:  USA
Language:  English
Runtime:  108 minutes

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