Small Town Pride
Small Town Pride offers an intimate look at the joys and challenges of being queer in a small town. Filmed throughout Canada, the film follows LGBTQ2S+ people and allies as they prepare for local Pride celebrations. Organizing in church basements, classrooms, and around kitchen tables, they take on a conservative town council that won't fly a rainbow flag and bend rules to create safe spaces for youth to come out. But despite experiences of isolation and discrimination, they love their communities and strive to make them into places where everyone, no matter who and how they love, can live and thrive.


Directors:  Chelle Turingan, Riley Sparks
Producers:  Rachel Giese, Chelle Turingan
Cinematographer:  Corey Misquita
Editor: Chelle Turingan
Country:  Canada
Province:  ON
Language:  English
Runtime:  61 minutes