Happy New Year, Colin Burstead
In this fiery dramedy from English auteur Ben Wheatley, the titular Colin (Neil Maskel) decides to rent a luxurious manor for the evening to celebrate the new year. However, these plans soon take a sour note when David(Sam Riley), Colin's younger brother, arrives. With the eyes of his extended family on him, including that of his parents (Bill Paterson and Doon Mackichan), Colin's planned evening of merriment turns into a extended exercise in misery.

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Director:  Ben Wheatley
Writer:  Ben Wheatley
Producer:  Andrew Starke
Cast:  Neil Maskell, Sam Riley, Joe Cole, Mark Monero, Charles Dance, Hayley Squires, Asim Chaudhry, Doon Mackichan, Bill Paterson
Cinematographer:  Laurie Rose
Editor: Ben Wheatley
Country:  England
Language:  English
Runtime:  95 minutes