Wochiigii lo: End of the Peace
Wochiigii lo: End of the Peace follows the struggles of Diane Abel and Chief Roland Willson of West Moberly First Nation as they battle the BC government against the construction of a multi-billion-dollar mega-dam along the Peace River (commonly known as Site C Dam). If constructed, it will give way to the extinction of their people’s culture by destroying the land and water they have occupied for over 13,000 years. While crown corporations and political parties collude against their traditional way of life, the desire to fight for their nation is embedded in these two resilient individuals.


Director:  Heather Hatch
Writer:  Heather Hatch
Producer:  Heather Hatch
Cinematographer:  Fredrick Kroetsch
Editor: Brenda Terning
Country:  Canada
Language:  English
Runtime:  85 minutes