Gala Presentation

Under The Weather
There is no ‘best thing’ about having terminal cancer, but for forty-year-old Joe, being welcomed back into his childhood home, feeling the warmth and support of his sister and her husband and observing his young niece’s blossoming emotional maturity seem to give new meaning to a life he feels he had wasted. With unexpected humour, stark realism and quiet insight, Under The Weather is an uplifting meditation on one man’s graceful surrender to the inevitable and the palpable impact his passing has on those he leaves behind.

Available for a 24 hour period, starting at 7:00PM on Saturday, September 19th.
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Director:  William D. MacGillivray
Writer:  William D. MacGillivray
Producers:  Terry Greenlaw, Christopher Richardson
Cast:  Stephen Oates, Julia Sarah Stone, Ruth Lawrence, Des Walsh
Cinematographer:  Kent Nason
Editor: William D. MacGillivray
Country:  Canada
Province:  NL
Language:  English
Runtime:  118 minutes

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