Girl (Bella Thorne) is 22 and has spent the entirety of her youth taking care of her sick mother who fled their home town to protect them from Girl's dangerous father. When Mama (Elizabeth Saunders) receives a threatening letter, Girl has had enough. She’s going to put an end to it, on her own terms. Armed with her hatchet, she takes the bus to the small town where she was born, intent on killing her father. As she searches for answers, Girl uncovers a family legacy more dangerous than she'd ever imagined.

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Director:  Chad Faust
Writer:  Chad Faust
Producers:  Shayne Putzlocher, Sara Shaak, Thomas Michael
Cast:  Bella Thorne, Chad Faust, Elizabeth Saunders, Mickey Rourke
Cinematographer:  Kristofer Bonnell
Editor: Gloria Tong
Country:  USA, Canada
Language:  English
Runtime:  90 minutes