Wharf Rats
Hughie Hackett (Robbie Carruthers) has spent his life doing as little as possible without actually doing nothing at all, squandering his potential. Frustrated that his Uncle Angus (Daniel Lillford), known as the best Hackett fisherman in town, a reputation secured by sabotaging his competition, is about to sell off the family fishing company, Hughie forms a misguided plan to pretend that a simple-minded man is his long-lost brother, the key to his father's will.

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Director:  Jason Arsenault
Writers:  Robbie Carruthers, Jason Arsenault, Dennis Trainor
Producers:  Jenna MacMillan, Jason Arsenault
Cast:  Robbie Carruthers, Dennis Trainor, Annie Briggs, Daniel Lillford, Jonathan Torrens, Melissa Kramer, William McFadden, Shelley Thompson
Cinematographer:  Ian Carleton
Editor: Thom Smalley
Country:  Canada
Province:  PE
Language:  English
Runtime:  99 minutes

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