Still Max
Facing a diagnosis of prostate cancer, multidisciplinary artist Max Dean asks, "How do we fix ourselves?" Discarded figures from an abandoned amusement ride and a wild imagination drive this vivid journey of resilience and creativity in the face of illness. Embarking on a new artwork, Max seeks to visualize his illness not just physically, but physiologically. The idea of fixing oneself and others takes on a poignant meaning as the artist's partner, Martha Fleury, is confronted with ovarian cancer. Through the journey of his artistic exploration, Max Dean confirms that he is Still Max — always curious and seeking to know himself.


Director:  Katherine Knight
Producers:  Katherine Knight, David Craig
Cinematographer:  John Price
Editors: Anthony Von Seck, Sabrina Budiman
Country:  Canada
Province:  ON
Language:  English
Runtime:  75 minutes