Guidance (Zhi Yin)
In the future, all hope rests on a fragile peace brokered 10 years after the Great War. During a weekend trip to the countryside, a couple begin to use 'Guidance', a radical device originally conceived to create enlightened human beings. However, they soon subvert Guidance to manipulate and lie — all in the hope of saving what they're afraid of losing most: each other.


Director:  Neysan Sobhani
Writers:  Neysan Sobhani, Anders Fransson, Wang Pei You
Producers:  Khalil Fong, Saba Mazloum, Shahin Sobhani, Neysan Sobhani
Cast:  Sun Jia, Harry Song, Francesco Chen
Cinematographer:  Saba Mazloum
Editor: Neysan Sobhani
Country:  China
Language:  Mandarin
Subtitle:  English
Runtime:  96 minutes