Documentaries: Who Let the Dogs Out



Official Selection - SXSW 2019
Official Selection - Hot Docs 2019
"Who Let the Dogs Out" is a song that has transcended generations, and has led Ben Sisto to dedicate eight years exploring and exposing a story steeped in show business, legal battles, female empowerment, artistic integrity and one very catchy hook. This documentary follows Sisto on his popular live talks across North America that explain the story of "Who Let The Dogs Out" accompanied by a museum of over 250 pieces of ephemera relating to the song and its origins.

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Uncaged: A Stand-In Story
Blake Johnston, Kelso Steinhoff, Canada, 11 minutes

Marco Kyris worked as Nic Cage’s stand-in for a decade on 20 films. In Uncaged: A Stand-in Story, Marco talks about his early life as an actor and what it was like working in the shadow for one of Hollywood’s Legends of Cinema.

Director:  Brent Hodge
Writer:  Ben Sisto
Producer:  Aly Kelly
Cinematographers:  Charlie Ricottone, Brent Hodge
Editors: Brent Hodge, Jasleen Kaur, Frank Cassano
Country:  Canada
Province:  ON
Language:  English
Runtime:  61 minutes