The White Fortress (Tabija)
In the rundown Sarajevo suburb of Alipasino Polje, Faruk is an orphan who lives with his ill grandmother and spends his days foraging for scrap metal and dabbling in petty crime.  One day he meets Mona, a timid teen from a politically powerful and affluent family. As Mona dreams of escaping the overbearing toxicity of her home life, she seeks refuge and opens herself up to Faruk, a boy from a world entirely different than her own. 


Director:  Igor Drljaca
Writer:  Igor Drljaca
Producers:  Igor Drljaca, Albert Shin, Borga Dorter, Amra Baksic Camo, Adis Djapo, Jordan Barker
Cast:  Pavle Čemerikić, Sumeja Dardagan, Jasmin Geljo, Kerim Čutuna, Alban Ukaj
Cinematographer:  Erol Zubcevic
Editor: Ajla Odobasic
Country:  Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Province:  ON
Language:  Bosnian
Subtitle:  English
Runtime:  88 minutes